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Prepare to Stop - DVD

Prepare to Stop - DVD

Prepare to Stop DVD Part 1

Part 1 is a dramatisation of the lives of five people convicted of drink driving.

  • Sophie an 18 year old who recently passed her licence had one-harmless-drink with friends at a party.
  • Dennis previously convicted of drink driving is in trouble again. "We always have a drink after each game ... it just depends upon if we win or loose how many drinks we have!"
  • Julie rarely ever drinks but her 10th wedding anniversary would be an exception. "We'd been saving a special bottle of red for a while ..."
  • Rodney the CEO of a company has been doing the corporate lunch all his life "its an institution the customers expect it" Surprised when caught speeding after a business lunch Rodney's day turns from bad to worse.
  • "Give a dog a bad name and hang him" for Jim life doesn't get much worse. He's at the bottom rung, convicted multiple times, Jim has been inside, lost his family and is now faced with the prospect of rebuilding a life. These chillingly real reenactments always start a conversation.

Prepare to Stop DVD Part 2

This factual and statisically frightening presentation by three Doctors, Dr. Edward Ogden, Dr. Michael Aufgang & Dr. Jane Hendtlass all experts in their fields.

The subjects covered in part 2 include:

  • Why .05?
  • Immediate effect of alcohol
  • Tolerance
  • Drink Driving? - What is it & how do you define it?
  • Absorption of alcohol
  • How the body gets rid of alcohol
  • Some myths about alcohol
  • Long term effects of alcohol

This program also contains a drinking session designed to show the actual effects and BAC levels of different people in a real life situation. These programs are an excellent resource to be used again and again.