Victorian Association of Drink & Drug Driver Services

About Vadds

VADDS is a member based, not for profit Association which supports accredited drink & drug drive agency staff, who work with drink & drug drive offenders, through their licence restoration process. They offer drink & drug drive education programs, court reports and alcohol & drug referrals to treatment service providers.

Our members are located in inner & outer metropolitan and rural regions across Victoria.

VADDS was incorporated as an Association in 1996 to

  • Act as a central networking and consultative body actively supporting members on all issues relating to drink driver services and
  • Facilitate the delivery of the highest standard of drink drive programs by its members

VADDS is a member based Association of reputable professionals who agree to conduct themselves and their associated business dealings under the current Victorian Accredited Driver Education Program Standards as determined by the Department of Health and/or the current VADDS Code of Professional Conduct.


To represent, support and educate our members as professional drink/drug drive practitioners


Lead an industry committed to reducing recidivism through a best practice client focused model

VADDS will achieve this by:

  • Being recognised as the leader in the drink/drug drive sector
  • Gathering, compiling and documenting data & information on drink/drug drive statistics & issue and disseminating information to members
  • Providing professional development opportunities for members
  • Designing, developing and monitoring educational material to enhance the delivery of education programs
  • Exploring opportunities to assist member agencies to grow and expand their services


  • to enhance the performance of the drink & drug driver education/assessment sector by upskilling our members in order to effectively support offenders in the licence restoration process
  • to effectively represent VADDS policies and member interests when dealings with government, non government, the community and other organisations
  • to promote VADDS and member perspectives in state and national road safety forums
  • to promote the members perspective on road safety policy development and review and to inform legislative changes, as it relates to drink & drug drive policies and issues
  • to advance the contribution and expertise of drink & drug driver education agencies in key issues and programs